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SONG: “If A No Love”

ALBUM: (in studio completing now)

LABEL: Beautiful Mind Music

PRODUCER: Ceddmack

PUBLISHER: Beautiful Music

TWITTER: @shottab80

INSTAGRAM: janijah12

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/wylebunchmusic

YOUTUBE VIDEO: http://youtu.be/A0wYth-wJt0


BIO: Coming from the U.S. Virgin Islands, Wyle Bunch comes to us with a style of music rooted deeply in Hip-Hop, Caribbean, and Soul music. This collective of close friends and brothers have been collaborating on music for over a decade now. The core of the group features two brothers, Shotta B & J Stylz, who both currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia, where they purposely relocated to pursue their musical dreams. Wyle Bunch means Wise Young Lion Evolved Beyond Understanding of Nature, Choreographed History.

Shotta B is known as the King of Street Narratives in the Virgin Islands. His hardcore street tales give you the painful truth, while trying to shed a positive light on the circumstances. Shotta B is thankful to be alive after surviving his real life challenges growing up in the V.I. He channels his energy into his music and family. “Without music, I might as well be locked up for life, music is freedom”, Shotta B. He is influenced by Jay-Z and Sizzla and hopes to record and tour with them in the near future.

J Stlyz, known to some as Mr. Silk, is a young crooner constantly being compared to artists from Wyclef to Trey Songz. He is influenced by those artists, as well as by the Marley Family. J Stylz began writing songs at a very young age. He has been featured on several songs with up and coming artists and holds it down with his solo music. “Singing is part of my soul, and my life is a song”, J Stylz. His songs are not typical love songs, although the ladies love him. He likes to call it “putting melody to the madness”.

Wyle Bunch also features superstar, Ickarus, who is currently making a name for himself back in the Virgin Islands.The group’s new single is called, “If A No Love”, a mid-tempo hood ballad that cries out to the streets, asking everyone to find love for one another, have each other’s back when innocently killed in the streets and not to hurt one another. “..even a tree need some hugs..” Shotta B spits out on his verse. J Stylz delivers the hook, written by Shotta B, just as smooth as anyone could and touches you on his self-written verse. ‘When I heard the song on the track, it felt like Marvin Gay meets Bob Marley, imagine that!”, CEDDMACK (producer/Beautiful Mind Music).

Wyle Bunch has been performing at the Volt, Calabar, 426, and several other clubs in the Atlanta area. They hope to build a huge fan base in 2015. Wyle Bunch will be starting a charity (Wyle Out Reach Foundation) to help the less fortunate back in the Virgin Islands by providing resources for education and vocational training. “Crossover”, the groups latest mixtape is available online everywhere.

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