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Alexandra and the Strangemakers are an indie blues-­rock band based in downtown Toronto. However, as their name suggests, they are not so easy to pin down. Both newly eclectic and comfortingly classic, the Strangemakers draw on influences old and new to make a groovy, ethereal sound that lifts front woman Alexandra’s soulful voice to centre stage. Alexandra’s poetic and imagistic lyrics are also distinctly urban and bluntly honest. The Strangemakers are both bitter and sweet. They want to estrange you from all that is familiar so that it can be seen again for the first time. They want to transport you to a world where Ella Fitzgerald and Eric Clapton do a duet. They want you to sink into songs of longing, love, and what it is to be young and nostalgic in a city. Their 7 track EP, “First Duets” is an exploration of all of this. The Strangemakers hit the stage regularly, and are currently working on their first full length album.
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