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Bad Mannered’s very own Willy Gonza Drops his new single “The Heist”. Produced by no other than brother/producer Dizzy Rambunctious.This single is off his highly anticipated mixtape “Humble Beginnings” coming this May.

William Gonzalez, known more commonly as Willy Gonza, is a new up and coming hip-hop artist from Hudson County, New Jersey. Growing up in a Cuban household, Gonza was exposed to different genres of music such as rock, soul, salsa and disco to 60’s and 70’s funk.

Willy Gonza’s music is influenced by 90’s hip hop from Wu-tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest and Eminem, to name a few. His unique style of hip-hop carries the essence of these hip-hop pioneers. Gonza’s versatility is what allows him to face any subject matter and make it his own.

Willy Gonza’s debut mixtape, “Against the Odds,” was released in 2012. The success of his premier mixtape led to the creation of his second project, “Dreams Over Everything” released later that year. In October 2013 he released his most current mixtape “Music To My Ears.” Gonza is currently working on his fourth mixtape, “Humble Beginnings,” which is set to release in the spring of 2015.


Mixtape : Humble Beginnings coming out May 4th.


Dizzy Rambunctious: Producer


Llama: Director



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