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From Fayetteville, NC, 22 year old rapper, song writer, and producer Vinnie-D has been doing music since the age of 7. Since 2005, he has put out various projects along with various singles, music videos and features. Influences include, his poet mother, his Hip-Hop artist for a father, 2pac, Nas, Outkast, Jay-Z, Biggie, Killer Mike, Joe Budden and more. He began producing at the age of 14 and song writing and graphic design at 18. Some of his biggest accomplishments TO DATE is performing in front of the Obama Administration in April 2012 and opening for G.O.O.D Music’s Cyhi The Prynce in May 2013, 2 Carolina Music Award Nominations For Best New Hip-Hop Artist and Best Hip-Hop Male.

We live in a generation that longs for love but does not know how to give or receive it. Music playing a part in this disconnects between men and women relationships with its lack of love represented in Hip-hop & R&B today. Selling sex, materialism, distrust for one another & overall disrespect for one another and using melodies to disguise and sell itself as love songs. As an observer and participant, I see the effect it as on my generation and it begs me to ask “What does love sound like in 2015?”


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