Unlimited Free Music Is About to End, Sony CEO Says

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By this time next year, artists like Adele and Taylor Swift will be viewed as industry pioneers.

Now, Sony Music is now preparing a massive, company-wide shift towards Hollywood-style ‘windowing,’ according to a bombshell statement by Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton.  Currently, virtually all Hollywood releases march through a windowed release cycle, starting with higher-generating outlets like movie theaters, and ending with lower-revenue spots like Netflix.

The music industry rarely windowing at all, while mostly giving everything away for free from day one.  Now, that’s about to change: in an interview at the tech- and media-focused Re/Code, Lynton pointed to windowing as a broader industry response to tanking revenues, and a solution for both Sony Music and other major music content owners.  “We all see the business is moving downhill; the download business is declining quarterly,” Lynton told Re/Code journalist Peter Kafka.  “The kind of a service that we would like to see, going forward, is a subscription service… complete story

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