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It was a friend’s dare for Becki to sing karaoke at a club that would change things. Once on stage, the little caged bird burst into song with a voice that started to turn heads and with her newly found confidence, she entered a local club singing competition. Becki won the first prize of a studio recording session. This was her true ‘light bulb’ moment; the second she put on the headphones in the studio she realised singing and music was the missing piece in her life.

In 2012 aged 21, Becki appeared on the XFactor reaching into the last 100 contestants from tens of thousands of entries. Since then she has worked with a number of small record labels and has just released in 2015, her first EP ‘The Beginning’ through 6th Floor Recordz.

Now at 23 years of age, with a head bursting with melodies and a heart full of words, Becki is looking for that big break. A break where more people hear her music and words and she can finally “Sing because everyone is listening’.



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