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Founded in 2012, Plugged is made of three true friends with Steven on drums, Kevin on bass and Alexis on guitar/vocals. The band started to work hard and maintained a heavy rehersal pace to play covers in open-air festivals, bars and local stages in Lorraine region, France from where all members were all born-and-raised.

In 2015, the band decided to focus on writing its own songs in order to record an EP and build its own identity. In the meantime, the band created its non-profitable organization structure to secure its intelectual property and ease the access to stages&festivals in mainly in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

A 6-tracks self-produced EP named “Blueprints” is available for sale since 24/12/2015 and some songs have been publicly released on Youtube.

Discography and influences

Issued by the fall of 2015, the EP “Blueprints” – as embedded in the name – aims to demonstrate what the band is able to create, its influences and its wish to become a trustable reference in alternative rock. When listening to Blueprints, you will quickly realise that each track has its style but still with a common basis that sounds like Plugged-style. The band manages to mix various styles from pop-rock to funk with bits of punk-rock and heavy riffs due to the fact that the members’ influences are broad (e.g. Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Bloc Party, Linkin Park).

3 songs are publicly available on Youtube via the band channel “PLUGGEDband”, accompanied by some old videos from rehersals on first live shows, including a fourth member, Marco who was in the band from 2012 to 2014 on guitar.

Plugged is a band made for live performances with its 3 members being very active on stage, interacting with a broad targeted audience. Past performances include the below list:

  • Entr’pot, Audun-le-Tiche
  • Café Jehanne d’Arc, Metz
  • Bar chez DG, Etain
  • Festifloor, Bellevile-sur-Meuse
  • MJC du Verdunois, Verdun
  • Fête de la Musique de Metz 2014
  • Fête de la Musique de Verdun 2015
  • No Man’s Land, Volmerange-les-mines


Plugged: The name has been chosen as a reference to the plug in of an instrument to its amp.

Blueprints: The EP is «made in Lorraine» and self produced in a home studio located in Dieue-sur-Meuse. The burning and packaging has been made by a company located Saint-Dié-des-Vosges.

About us: We are really close friends on top of playing in the same band. This is easily noticeable Aged between 25,26 and 31 years old, we are all from Etain (55400) in Lorraine. We are all self-taught musicians and we had to face many difficulties to give birth to this band (i.e. self financing the rehersal place and the PA system) as the area is not properly equipped for young musicians and there is no local State support. This demonstrates the eagerness of the band members to play their songs and broadcast them as much as possible.

Our songs: Our songs are dealing with various subjects, from heartbreaks (“Take me higher”) to teenage crush (“Midnight call”, “Fever”) going along with ambition and life cycle (“Nothing on my way”, “Chasing Stars”) and also current wars/news (“Song for Zenobia” referring to Palmyra’s blow-up by ISIS in 2015).

Blueprints OUT CMJN


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