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DJ Zevzek (DJ, Electonica):

! Europe’s famous Disc Jockey (DJ) spinner known as DJ Zevzek has released his very own full length album, “Dis Duzzit.” The full-length album is filled with fourteen (14) original sound recordings and musical works of almost an hour and a half worth of constant grooves, making for a extensive mix of electronic and house material. It is being released with Rewired Records. The album is entitled, “Dis Duzzit” and the album name is also a song named on the jazzy and groovy full length CD, and it is representative of one of the better types of traditional beats on a
long form CD that has been released in a very long time. The new release, “Dis Duzzit,” showcases the DJ’s influences bringing  the beats and sounds together from albums and songs he grew up playing  and listening to for a long time.

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