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Dreamdoktor to release its avante-garde sounds with Rewired Records!

There’s some serious method to the madness of this new record from Dreamdoktor, now being released with the Rewired Records record label. The prolific electronic artist has spent years constructing musical compositions, which evokes a soothing and ambient sound that is very much avante-garde showing off elements that are flowing, tonal, intense and magical in all of its songs. Dreamdoktor has applied the same approach it has done anytime they produce spontaneous and overly compelling musical works.

Conceptually, none of this is new for Dreamdoktor. The overall sound expands on its avante-garde feel that draw on influences from the likes of John Zorn, John Cage and Brian Eno. Dreamdoktor itself is made up with visual expressionists by Romania artist Cristina Handrabur and the Romanian composer Dan Handrabur making up what is Dreamdoktor.

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