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Soul Singer PEARL Releases New Single “Free”

Not new to the game but with a whole new expression and confidence, singer and songwriter Pearl says her new single – Free – is a beginning of a new chapter in her musical journey embracing the love of soul, Afro-beat and jazz.

The Single Free is a produced by ThExchange Project with music production handled by the affiliates Waithaka Ent & Wilson Kentura.The song Free exudes sensitivity and vulnerability and yet has a fierceness, rawness and powerful energy that gives it a colorful and authentic expression of emotion making you feel that you can break free from any kind of setback.

It is difficult not to dance to the afro-beat combined with the melodious soulful piano chords while the sensual and very soulful vocals draw your attention to listen. The song ends in its climax as Pearl takes it to another level making her debut with a rap piece so feminine yet so strong where she surely sets herself Free.


Her unique sound and warm voice is seductive, captivating and intense. With a mixed ethnic background from Africa, India and Europe, she has learned to incorporate different cultures and traditions. Something you can feel and hear through her music which is evocative and contains both depth and lightness.

She is the writer of both melodies and lyrics, and though the music she makes is deeply rooted in the rhythm and blues tradition and stems out of black musical roots, she has been able to maintain her own expression and to add to the music her personal touch. In essence, there is a spirituality to her expression, which is quite unique when one considers the down to earth essence in the music genre it is embodied through. Her songs revolve around themes of love and longing, of male/female relationships, of being a woman, and you sense how Pearl’s music is founded in her own being and rooted in her own femininity.

Pearl is born in Botswana and she moved to Denmark when she was 14 years old.  She has performed in several places in Europe, including Moscow where she received radio airplay with a song she featured on by Moscow based Trip-hop/Elctro Jazz band VFSixPearl has collaborated with producers and songwriters from different parts of the world.

Her previous Album ‘The Fall and Rise of a Woman’ was recorded in Denmark in collaboration with the Reggae band ReCulture. It is a cross-over project between different musical genres, namely Reggae, Soul, and Pop.

Pearls new Project/Album which will be due in 2017 will have its focus mainly on Soul, Jazz, AfroSoul/beat and AfroJazz. She has recently become part of the Drinkard Music Group, which is founded by family members of the legendary Drinkard and Robinson family members which includes great singers such as Cissy Drinkard now known as Cissy Houston. Pearls Album will be released and mostly produced by the Drinkard Music Group in 2017. Fo more info visit:

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