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Every so often an artist emerges on the hip-hop/rap scene, and reinvigorates the culture we love with a fresh and inspiring voice that resonates with the masses in a real way. Today that artist is Keeqs, from Fresno, California.

Keeqs found his voice in music at the age of 16, finding his start as a member of former local rap group C.O.D., since then he has been continually evolving his talents into the ferocious yet polished style he brings to the game now. Keeqs has released 2 projects on his journey so far: Fleaux his debut mixtape in 2013, and the experimental project TNOS in 2014.

Currently, Keeqs is working on his 3rd project Mr. 1 Time which is focused on being a project that will be composed of back-to-back hits.


My Lady is a playful record by Keeqs about all the crazy stuff that goes on in a relationship when you decide to just stick it out, through the good and the bad.

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