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Slim Vezzy grow up in Memphis, Tn, Bethel Grove / Orange Mound. Spent most of his early life, drawing, playing basketball, and reading. As time went by fun activities changed into warehouse work, selling dope, smoking weed and drinking. With a taste for making music Slim still had a way to let his passion for art play it’s role. Slim’s brother, and some close friend came up with a rap group, named “Kingz Of The MidSouth” resulting in the hood giving notice. Slim and K.M.S. took on opportunity joining forces with an artist under 8-ball / 8ways record label, branding a new group V-Squad. Touring Memphis, Mississippi, Atlanta, Alabama, Virginia, there was growth in popularity, but shrinkage in K. M. S. musical mission. After about 3 years, and one member staying with V-Squad a name change occurred Explicit Minds Concept Music Group (E. M. C. M. G.) . Slim branched off from the group while growing a deeper relationship with God. No longer living that club life, strip club, smoking, drinking, pimping, selling whatever. Now he raps the gospel of Jesus in an unashamed demeanor.


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