Ain Mosni “You Say Wetin?” @AinMosniSpeaks produced by Zita

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Born Adeoye Oroge,

Ain Mosni means a high level of awareness, to always be awake. It was derived by spelling the word Insomnia backwards. (Insomnia-Ainmosni)

Songs by Fela Kuti, helped mould his mind in the area of lyrical content and effectively getting the message across to the listener.

He has collaborated with Nigerian artists like Mode 9, Morell, Terry Tha Rapman, K-Dub, Rugged Man, Reminisce, Pherowshuz, 2 shotz, Jamix, I.J, Numba, Jospo. e.t.c

Other collaborations include collaborations with Galaxy High, Charlie, Jago from the United Kingdom and Gerry Q from the United States of America.

While trying to obtain a university degree in Babcock University, Nigeria he was part of a duo called Demphis and Rogueman.

Ain Mosni has never looked back since then.


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