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                Changzheng Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CECO”) , established in June, 2007, is an engineering company that 
                takes HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology as the core technology and specializes in gasification technology 
                and key equipment R&D, engineering design, technical services, complete equipment supply and EPC service.
                CECO is Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology Engineering Research Center of China Petroleum and Chemical 
                Industry, having been rewarded as a Beijing-Based High-Tech Enterprise, a Beijing-Based Patent Engine Pilot Enterprise and a 
                Zhongguancun-Based High-Tech Enterprise, with 42 patent technologies such as the invention patent of HT-L pulverized coal 
                pressurized gasification technology and gasification burner. CECO has Grade A engineering design qualification for chemical, 
                petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries (chemical engineering, petroleum and chemical products storage and transport, 
                biochemical, biological medicine, proprietary Chinese medicines) and A1/A2/A3 level design qualification for pressure vessel, GB/ 
                GC / GD class design qualification for pressure pipelines.
                HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology is listed in the No. 24 Announcement Catalog for Popularization of 
                National Key Energy Saving Technologies issued by NDRC; in the Notice of Printing and Distributing the Implementation Scheme 
                for Cleaner Production Technologies in 17 Key Industries Such As PVC — Implementation Scheme for Cleaner Production 
                Technologies in the Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry (GXBuJ [2010] No. 104) issued by MIIT; in the National Planning Project for Key 
                New Products in 2011 (GKFJ [2011] No. 420) issued by Ministry of Science and Technology, being Supporting Technology for 
                Revitalization of Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation technically appraised: “The HT-L 
                gasification unit is easy to be operated and maintained. The technology has such advantages as wide adaptability to coal types, 
                low investment costs and operating costs, high operating rate, and low gasification gasifier failure rate. This technology possesses 
                proprietary intellectual property rights, which reaches the leading level in the world.”
                HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology can be widely applied to fields such as production of synthetic ammonia, 
                methanol, olefin, ethylene glycol, synthetic natural gas, synthetic oil, and hydrogen made from coal, IGCC power generation, etc. 
                CECO has contracted about 30 chemical project constructions, among which 9 have been put into construction. The equipment 
                presents competitive advantages comparing with domestic and foreign similar techniques on production stability, coal applicability, 
                economic operation, operation safety, and environmental friendly character, etc. Anhui Linquan Chemical Industry Company 1 
                Million Nm3/day(CO+H2) Feedstock Line Reformation Construction, especially, owns annual average working efficiency as high as 
                93% for 4 years since startup. In 2011, the equipment operated continuously at full load for 156 days, setting a world record for 
                single gasification equipment. In 2012, it refreshed the world record to 215 days.
                Build wonderful China, Aerospace spirit and China Dream. CECO, innovatively developing, will provide large energy corporation, 
                coal chemical enterprise, petrochemical enterprise, electric power enterprise, etc with excellent, efficient, all-round, complete 
                service, by its core competitiveness of leading technology advantage, strong development capability for key equipment, advanced 
                project management advantage, professionalized talent advantage, and service advantage throughout the project life cycle.