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                Through the HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology, coal can be converted with high efficiency, environmental protection and low cost,and it can be widely used in the production of synthetic ammonia from coal, coal to methanol, coal to olefin, coal to ethylene glycol, coal to natural gas, coal to oil, coal to hydrogen and IGCC power generation.
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                HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Gasifier conveys dry pulverized coal, particle size from 5 to 90μm, to feed with inert gas, gasification agent as pure oxygen and water vapor.
                HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Gasifier
                HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Gasifier
                Gasification Burner
                Gasification Burner


                More project
                • Inner Mongolia

                  Inner Mongolia

                  Yiding Project / Hangjingqi Project /  Shilin Project /  Boyuan 
                • HEBEI


                  Zhengyuan Project / ?Taihua Project / Shenzhou Project
                • TIANJIN


                  Tianjian Project 
                • SHANXI


                  Tianxi Project / Huayu Project  
                • NINGXIA


                  Baofeng Project / Standby gasifier of Baofeng Project
                • SHANDONG


                  Luxi Project / Ruixing Project / Second phase of Ruixing Project /Third phase of Ruixing Project / Jiutai Project 
                • HENAN


                  Yanhua Project / Zhongxin Project / Jingkai Project / Second phase of  Jingkai Project  / Third  phase of  Jingkai Project / Junhua Project  
                • XINJIANG


                  Manas Project 
                • SICHUAN


                  Lutianhua Project 
                • ANHUI


                  Linquan Project / Second phase of Linquan Project / Haoyuan Project / Second phase of Haoyuan Project 
                • GUIZHOU


                  Qianxi Project 
                • FUJIAN


                  AIR LIQUIDE (China)  Project 
                • GUANGXI


                  Huayi Project 

                OUR SERVICE

                Simulation training: Provide customers with simulation training before driving, and highly simulate the test drive, driving, insurance and accident. Allows the operator to participate in the learning operation all the way before the project starts. After passing the exam, the operator is certified to operate,which effectively reducing the risk of parking due to human error. In the past,the gasifier were commissioned to full-load operation for at least two months. Now it takes only 10 days to drive.


                The summarization of CECO’s development strategy is:” Project Popularization realizes Performance Growth; Technology Innovation maintains Core Advantage; Incentive Compatibility provides Endogenous Power; Refocusing Development builds Special Brand.
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                  No.141,Jinghai 4th Road ,Ludong District ,BDA 

                  Zip Code: 101111
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